Shepherd’s Hey Farm

David and his wife live on a farm outside Washington, DC, where they maintain a commercial flock of long-wool sheep that are carefully bred and managed to produce luxurious high quality handspinning fleeces and naturally raised custom butchered lamb.

Shepherd’s Hey Farm strives to produce the highest quality wool and meat products while placing highest priority on the health and welfare of our animals and that of the land, water resources and local natural biodiversity. Shepherd’s Hey Farm is managed by Lee Langstaff.

Our sheep are mostly cross-bred to produce soft longwool fleeces in a wide range of beautiful natural colors. The predominant breeds in our mix are Romney, Border Leicester, and Corriedale as well as smaller percentages of Lincoln, Wensleydale and Romeldale.

We continue to experiment with crosses and mixes that produce the kind of longwool handspinning fleeces that we and our customers love to spin. Most of these breeds in our mix contribute to the excellent dual-purpose of producing wool and meat.

Lambs that we don’t keep for our own breeding program or sell as breeding stock are pasture fed and custom butchered for their delicious and healthy meat. We facilitate the processing (slaughter, custom butchering, packaging, freezing) of whole or half lambs for our customers through an excellent small, USDA inspected local butcher.

Our animals are treated with the utmost respect, and their welfare and quality of life is our highest priority. Contact us for more information if you are interested in purchasing a whole or half lamb for your freezer and table. Quantities are limited.

We also produce related products such as sheepskin pelts, wool roving and batting and yarn.

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